Huge bug regarding Auto-layout?

For days now, every time I try to copy/clone an element from an auto-layout and paste or move it outside of this auto-layout, in many cases the element starts to “glitch” and it becomes impossible to drag it across the canvas correctly. Its origin point seems to have shifted, and when I try to move it, the center of movement is not associated with the pointer, but with a position 10-20-30px further away both vertically and horizontally.

Moreover, any keystroke (right, left, up, down… any!) to move the element any number of pixels (it could be 1px, 8px, 10px…) causes the element to shift a fixed number of pixels (even in decimals) that has nothing to do with the input given.

This is becoming exasperating and forces me to copy, paste, delete, and re-paste each element every time I do this. It’s a disaster…

Is anyone else experiencing this? I can’t believe no one else is going through the same problem.


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