How to use a big Design System with huge number of components?

i want to use Telerik Kendo design system in my project. it has more than 1500 components mostly use _Base and Nested Components.

1- Convert to Library
This is good, but because it has many components, if I update the original file and want to publish it again, I have to update lots of components and it takes a long time (for example, the button is used in 125 other components).
On the other hand, if it is a library, I can make any changes or, for example, draw prototype, then I can use it in other projects and I don’t have to do it again.

2- Create my project in the duplicated file
In this mode, my speed increases because the components and design pages are all in one file, but any changes I make to the components are specific to the same file, and I can’t use it for other projects later.

What is the best solution to use this Design System ?

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From my understanding of using the design system in my organization is this:
If components from the main file are updated then you can push updates to any file using it.

So my suggestion is Convert to Library. But please get second opinion

I use the first option atm but I am thinking about actually making one library per component:


  • Easier to keep track of the updates
  • Design files only need to import needed component so files will be smaller
  • When a Button, which is used a lot in other components, gets an update, it won’t automatically update other components. This way you can make sure the update is not making any regression. (could be con depending on how you look at it lol)


  • So many libraries to manage
  • Many libraries also means that you have cluttered library window