How to test wireframes?

Hi Designers. So I am designing some wireframes for this company which I joined recently. The company makes use of Testers for all its software products done by developers and they would also like to do the same for these Wireframes? How best can I test wireframes?

I was thinking of sharing the Figma document with the Testers and only giving them view permissions , they will have a look and give feedback - would this process be sufficient to call Testing for wireframes?

Thanks in Advance for all the feedback?

Hi @Blessing_Dongo, Thank you for reaching out about this.

While we’re waiting for insights from experienced designers in our community, I’ve taken the opportunity to explore some of our resources.

I’m not entirely sure what type of testing you’re planning to conduct, but if it involves user testing, here are a few related articles. They might not align perfectly with your specific needs, but hopefully, they’ll offer some useful insights:

I hope you find these resources somewhat helpful! Let’s look forward to additional input from other community members.