How to stop stakeholders snooping around your Figma file?

So you have your project file that contains many different pages, some WIP and some ready for review, etc. You only want the stakeholder to see the stuff that’s ready for review, but when you share a link to that screen, they now have access to the whole file and can go snooping all over the place, looking at stuff they shouldn’t & potentially causing unnecessary hassle!

I know there is a feature request raised already to stop this exact thing, but until Figma create something to combat this, how do you currently get around this issue?

Hi Dan,
If I don’t want them to have access to WIP, I work on it in another file. I then merge everything into the same file if it’s a client request. It can be stressful to have them look over your shoulder, make sure your personal workspace is free of curious stakeholders! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Lou, yes I can see how this would work, but do u really want the hassle of having 2 files & having to copy & merge stuff all the time? Although I suppose it’s the same as creating your own branch to work on something and merging when it’s finished?

Another idea I had was to share the prototype link and setup flows for specific screens u want them to see, but they can still egt into the file if they know how to tbh.

There is a way to share only prototypes, if that’s what you’re after.
Honestly, copying the whole content of a page takes less than a minute, it’s definitely worth it for me. I’m actually trying to work with more files, because they sometimes become too heavy to run on testers’ devices when we run usability tests. Whatever works best for you!

yes, but if they go to the top and select ‘open in editor’ on the drop down, they can get in the file no?

If you’re an organisation sharing to an external user, you can share the prototype link only. You’ll find the details in this doc:

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