How to set this text center with fixed height?

Hi, guys!

I would like to know and eagerly wonder how to make the text X central in the text box with fixed height and fixed width at the same time?

If I set fixed height on X, it doesn’t seem like properly fitted?.. and when I narrow down the height of the text box, the X follows down as I did…

Anyone who can help me?

Thank you for your help in advance!

@Riha I think you’re looking to stay aligned within the text box, correct? If so, try clicking on the ‘align middle’ button in the section I boxed off in this screenshot.

Let me know if that’s not what you were looking for!

[Also, shout out to my fellow community team mates.]

Hey, ksn!

I appreciate your help ! but… as you advised, I set the text box with align middle but… still the upper part of X text box isn’t that fitted…

like the screenshot below…

What should I do further…?

Thanks for the reply – just to make sure I understand: are you wanting it to pad equally on the top AND bottom (basically center out based on how big the text box is), or want to manually set a spacing number for both above and below the text?