How to set scaleFactor to a nested instance

Here is a screenshot of a master component along with its instance. The arrow icon within the master component is an instance in itself but scaled. On the Tile-instance the nested icon instance got resized to its original size. When I tried to scale this nested instance, Figma throws me the error

Uncaught Error: in set_scaleFactor: This property cannot be overridden in an instance
    at InstanceNode.set_scaleFactor [as scaleFactor] (
    at <anonymous>:1:44

Is there any ways to rescale the icon based on the master component?


In Figma you can’t resize nested instances.

By “in figma” you mean on the GUI Figma canvas?
Is it possible to do it via plugin API?

If you can’t do something via GUI, it won’t be possible to do via API either. Figma plugins can’t add new features to Figma, they can only utilize and automate what’s already possible without plugins.

To help you better understand why this isn’t possible: in this specific case, adding something like scaleFactor to instances would require additional code on the Figma side to process and display the effect of this property that doesn’t currently exist. And plugins can’t add this code by themselves (that would require plugins to be integrated more closely with a rendering & file processing engine).

You are welcome to vote for the following suggestions which would help achieve what you want:

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