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How to scale an instance nested in another component?

I have 2 components called ‘card red’ and ‘card blue’, exactly the same size 300x200, only difference is the colour.

I have to use the card inside another component called ‘card+badge’, made of the card itself and a small badge (together in an autolayout); in this component my card is scaled to 240x160.

Now my problems is:
if I change the card from red to blue (component 1 to 2) inside the ‘card+badge’ original component, it’s al fine; if I change them inside and instance of ‘card+badge’, the card size comes back to its originale 300x200, basically breaking my design!

Is there a solution to keep the size of the card 240x160 that I fixed in my ‘card+badge’ component?

Depending on your needs, you need to either enable or disable Hug Contents for nested instances: