How to paste a preview to a "current time" YouTube URL in FigJam?

Could not find any reference to how you might:

  • copy the “current time” URL from a YouTube video (in this case from the great Building Block series)
  • paste that URL so it previews at that time in FigJam.
  • Unless I’m missing something, any YouTube video starts at the beginning and ignores the current time parameter? Even if I use the preview in FigJam to set it to the spot I want people to view, the videos in FigJam all go back to the beginning once I deselect them.
    Figmates, do you support this yet?

Ben @ UPS

This isn’t supported. I opened a bug for this a year ago and there as been no activity regarding it

I also tried creating “clips” on youtube and likewise FigJam does not embed those either

There is no workaround, it just does not work. It does work in Miro so perhaps if you need this functionality you should move to that software

Hey. i really beneficial, thanks .

Seriously, it still needs to be fixed when sharing YouTube at a specific time. Common Figma, why is it not resolved yet?