How to make sticky element in mobile navigation?

Hi all, I’m struggling with smth I found very basic but can’t find solution.
I created mobile menu as a new frame and it has close “X” button on top which is linked to home page. The problem is that every menu level has same button and when you go through the menu, this X also animates instead it’s fixed on top. I always find sticky element tutorials for scrolling but not for frame swap. Can anyone help? :slight_smile: tnx!


If the post that I linked is what you are talking about when you say “sticky” then, I’m sorry that feature is not implemented (Please Figma, implement the sticky feature!)

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I agree - Figma are you listening to your users?

This was even in the deprecated forum:


Oh wow I thought I had seen someone do this in Figma and now I’m really bummed that it’s not supported! Adding my name to the feature request I guess…

in design mode, you can set a frame to have “fix position when scrolling” and it will adhere as long as it is directly nested within the viewport frame that has overflow settings in the prototype mode.