How to make layout grid reappear?

The layout grid on this frame does not show up no matter what I do.

I have checked other issue for something like this and ensured that the frame does not have auto layout or rotation applied. Is there any way that I can get the grid to show up again on the frame without having to delete it and start over?

Here is a figma file with a duplicate of the frame I am having an issue with (minus the UI elements in the original.)

Your frame is flipped vertically. So you need to flip everything back using the “Flip vertical” (Shift + V) function.

Thanks. That resolved it.
How did you realize that it is flipped vertically? I did not see any indicator of flip status. I just want to know what to look for if I run into something similar in the future.

you probably realized it based on the hidden layers, but if there weren’t the hidden layers, would I somehow know the frame was flipped?

Look at the X, Y coordinates. For a flipped object, these coordinates are different (= do not match the true coordinates).

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