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How to keep tab bar variants at the bottom?

Hello :wave:

I have been using Figma for a few days and I have a problem that I can’t seem to solve in a reusable way.

I have a tab bar component with two variants (iPhone X or older). These variants do not have the same height.

When I switch from the iPhone X variant to the other one, the tab bar is smaller and is not sticking to the bottom:

To overcome this, I put it in a frame with auto layout set to <> left and right and >< hug contents (bottom):

The problem is that this solution is not reusable. When I transform this frame into a component, it does not keep the constraints.

Even when copy/pasting this frame, the constraints are reset to <> scale >< hug contents (scale).

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Maybe there is a way to set this directly into the component.

Thanks :blush:

Currently using an auto layout wrapper is the only way to make instances resize in the direction you want when swapping.

This looks like a suggestion you might want to vote for and maybe share your ideas there: Specifying anchor points for value-based resizing + repositioning and if that’s not it you can also create your own (or edit and move this topic to #product-feedback).

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