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Specifying anchor points for value-based resizing + repositioning

When adjusting the X/Y position of an object or the W/H attributes of that object using numerical values, Figma offers basic operators (±*/) to add/subtract/multiply/divide values quickly.

As a feature extension, it would be great if Figma also supported the ability to specify the anchor point from which those operators should apply.

For instance, in Sketch, it’s possible to add 8px width to an object by typing:
“+8” – this extends the width by 8px to the right (using the left side as the anchor point)
“+8R” – this extends the width by 8px to the left (using the [R]ight side as the anchor point)
“+8C” – this extends the width by 4px on both sides (using the [C]enter as the anchor point)

Likewise, in Sketch there are vertical anchor point modifiers. Typing in the height input:
“+8” extends 8px from the top downwards
“+8b” extends 8px from the [B]ottom upwards
“+8m” extends 4px to the top and bottom, from the [M]iddle

These are extremely useful shortcuts when adjusting designs – e.g., if I have a 10px box I want to grow by exactly 12px while maintaining its right alignment to another box, currently I’d have to add the 12px wider and then move it 12px back to the left. Being able to do it all at once is really neat. (And even in Sketch this is a fairly hidden set of features.)

Thank you for the consideration!

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