How to get rid of 'Ghost styles'?

Hi, I’m experiencing something that seems to be a bug with Styles vs. Variables.
I have bunch of components that are imported from a library with color variables (no colors styles involved). Problem is when I am selecting one of them ‘Selection colors’ shows a color style that imitates applied background color variable and there’s no such style anywhere. See example, ‘Background/background_sidebar’ variable is applied to ‘Sidebar’ component (imported from library) and is reflected in ‘Fill’, but ‘Selection colors’ show one another ‘Style’ called ‘Background/background.sidebar’. Overall these Styles that you see in the screenshot, do not exist in this file, neither in the library.

Sooo, how do I get rid of these annoying ‘ghost styles’?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. This usually means it’s applied somewhere within the selection. You can use the selection colors to locate it (using the target icon) and either detach it or replace it with the correct variable.

To look into your file in more detail, we would need access to it. However, it seems you’ve already contacted our support team, which is great! Please continue working with them. I hope it should be resolved soon!


Hi Toku! Assuming that it’s applied somewhere inside would be my first thought. When I review ‘Selection colors’ and select what appears to be a ‘Style’, it select the component with a Color Variable attached to it (as I intended). However the ‘ghost style’ still appears in the sidebar. Hence, me asking around.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me. It could be a potential bug, so could you submit a bug report detailing the steps that led to this issue? You can do so by following the link:

Thanks for your patience.