How to get Figma to run "Faster"

I am experiencing inconsistent speed when using Figma and its plugins, and I am seeking advice on why this may be happening and how to improve the speed. Specifically, the plugin Similar, which searches for similar fill colors, sometimes runs quickly on larger files, but other times runs slowly. I have tried restarting both the plugin and Figma itself, as well as closing other programs, but the issue persists. The same problem occurs with more complex plugins like Master. I am using an M2 Pro computer. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Dedication,
As all of our plugins are created by Community members and not Figma, you’ll need to reach out to the plugin’s creator for help using that plugin or to report any problems.
You can find the support email for each plugin on his plugin’s homepage.
The plugin’s creator will then report any bugs in Figma to us.
Hope it helps!

will do and thank you for the speedy reply.