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How to enable slack notifications?

I used the old figma plugin for slack at a previous company with no problems, but can’t seem to get the new slack plugin to work.

  1. My company has the Figma plugin for slack available.
  2. I installed it as a slack user on Windows.
  3. I don’t see what other steps I need to take. All comments are still going to email, not to slack and I don’t see how to connect a particular project or file to a particular slack channel. I’ve restarted figma and slack. I would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I installed Figma integration, revoked the old one and nothing happened. I got in touch with Slack support but they said this need to be fixed on Figma’s side.

Same problem here. I authorised thn app, but it just simply doesn’t work.

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Same. Anyone have a communicated timeline when this will be fixed?

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Nope, but I wrote also message to Figma Support, if they will answer anything concrete then I let you know.

I got response:
After connecting Figma and Slack, you will need to authorize the connection. Can you try authorizing the connection between Figma and Slack via this link:


The authorizing connection page didn’t show up the first few times I did it.
So, when I authorized it, it sort of works. The weird thing is that I’ve seen huge delays between a comment being added and getting a Slack notification.

Huge delay = 3-6 hours
It’s not that comment notifications need to be instantly reflected in Slack, but it does noeed to be close to real time to be useful.

I didn’t have issues setting it up and got Slack notifications for comments right away after our Org turned it on, but we’re now seeing a delay of about an hour or two as well.

Hard to know if it’s working or if it’s the long delay? - thanks for the authorization link when I first installed it that page gave an error on the Figma side but seems to have worked just now.

The old Slack plugin notifications posts were near realtime. Totally agree about 5 minutes should be the minimum notification delay not hours. I’d totally go back to the old app but I removed it in case it interfered with the new app.

UPDATE re-authorize hasn’t helped got a @support ticket open now.

I have had a ticket open with @support for 6 days now and not even a response of any kind from them. Is anyone in the community able to offer any advice to get Slack working again?

Same here. Connected the new Fimga for Slack and do not see any way to associate a channel with Figma project/file. No notifications come though.

Same issue. The Authorization process seemed to have worked fine. But the integration just seems to not work at all once set up.

Is the Figma project to Slack channel integration gone? I’m getting notifications in the Slack Figma App channel but I’m no longer able to connect a Figma project to a specific Slack channel.

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^^^ Same issue. I also need Slack channel <> project-based notifications

Same question here! How do we get project updates in a slack channel?