How to embed a Figma file into a Figma slide deck?

At a certain point in a deck/presentation, I need to discuss a progression of screens in another file. I have tried wrapping all of those screens in a frame, and adding that to the slide with both horizontal and vertical scrolling, which does work, but there is no way to zoom in/out. I am aware of the presentation’s view settings (Actual size, Fit width, etc) but the file is too big for it be viewable if not ‘Actual size’.

I want to do an embed, like the current method of embedding a file into a webpage or Dropbox Paper, but in another Figma file. Then I can take advantage of the iframe’s UI for panning and zooming in/out — this is why I want an embed method as I need to freely traverse the canvas, panning and zooming .

Is this possible?