How to change the caption after clicking on an area using compontents?

Hi. Basically I want to create a prototype where after clicking on the area A on the image bellow the area B changes to the same thing. So far I have only discovered how to do it using new frames, but that would be kinda clunky in my opinion. I suspect that you can do that using components so that you don’t need to create new frames. However, when I try to connect the area on the popup with the second option (image number 2), it doesn’t let me do that.

My idea was that I can use swap overlay to change the caption after pressing the second area on the popup and it would change on the frame. This is what I would like to achieve.

Help would be so appreciated guys!

Image number two.

Note, I don’t want to overcomplicate my prototype creating too many screens. I would like to achieve that using only components and interaction between them. Is that possible?

Hey, thanks. I basically just simulated it by simply closing the overlay upon clicking on the first option. Unfortunatelly, it traded off the diversity I wanted to bring up in my prototype, but it still looks and feels the way I wanted it to behave. Thank you very much!