How do you link to a plugin from inside a Figma file without losing the context of the file

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I have a file shared on the Community and a Plugin. I want users to click a link inside the file to launch the plugin without losing context of the file and wihtout having to learn how to find a plugin in Figma.

I know I can use the link from the plugin’s Community Page, but that would result in users navigating away from my main Figma file to the community page where clicking try it would not navigate back to their open file.

I know I can add instructions on how to find the plugin in Figma but I would rather have a big button that says luanch plugin :slight_smile:

Any ideas on how to get that working?

Thank you kindly

Add relaunch buttons to your plugin manifest, and then set relaunch data for some node in the file. Read more here: How to add an element to the Design Tab UI? - #4 by tank666.


Thank you :heart: :pray: @tank666 I will have a look at this