How do you disable the elements snapping with one another?

Every time I have an element hovering over another, it snaps whether it’s in the middle of it or on the side of it. How can I disable this? I want more freedom for where I place my elements. Thank you!

Hey @joemart,

This isn’t an option at the moment, but you can add your feedback and vote here: Disable snapping

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You are a life saver. Thank you again.

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Hi @dvaliao

I’m the creator of the ticket Disable Snapping.
Is there a right place to make a report on a bug related to this? I didn’t find any place specific.

I can also describe it here: Even with the “Snapping” turned off (objects & geometry) the snapping is on.
It’s really weird.

[edited] Sorry. This isn’t true. I’ve just realised it´s only on one file. I think I’ve tried everything but I can’t fix it.
Any thoughts?


Hey @Ricardo_Desirat,

You can submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here.

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