How do you delete a mode?

Two problems I have with variables and modes.

  1. I had a component in my design system with a Boolean variable; visibility turns off when the mode changes. Using an instance of the component outside of my design system shows the variable - but not in the variables tab. I have no way to control it. Worse, modes created in the component do not carry over. So now I have a dead variable and dead mode. 2. There is no way to delete a mode.
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Right-click on the variable mode › Delete mode.

This is not the solution. Perhaps I was unclear. The Variable Collection is what cannot be deleted.

I have found a poor solution however. Delete all modes, all variables (even then the variable collection is present). Next, set the variable collection mode to Auto. This foolishly deletes the variable collection.

Please see this Help Center article:

Also not the problem. Collections can be deleted in the Variable menu you show, but not on the Layers panel. If deleted via the Variables UI shown, any assigned collections on layers will remain and cannot be deleted.

In this UI, I show a working prototype of Variables and Collections where a Boolean Variable turns off visibility if the Variable Collection is set to “Customer” and back on if set to “Admin”

In this UI, I delete the collection as you have shown above, yet the Collection remains on the layer and cannot be deleted naturally. Only selecting the Collection via the inspector and changing the value to “auto” will the collection truly delete.

Right click on a Mode Name, a menu with the action to delete the mode will show.

I’m having the same issue. I had a mode on my top frame, but I wasn’t using the mode, so I deleted it, However it still shows on the frame, and I can’t get rid of it. I want to assign a different mode to the layer, but cannot.

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