How do you change a button's hover color as an instance?

Hey friends, I have a question:

How do you change a button’s hover color when using it as an instance component?


Master component button - has multiple button states that are already linked up via prototype

I put the (instance) of the button into another project via a library. I can then freely change the color of the button in it’s default state, but the problem: On hover, it becomes the same color as the one in the main component…which is normally fine, but I need it to change to a color that I want for this specific project. I’d like to be able to keep the hover animation but be able to change the color.

Is this possible? The only way I can think about hacking it is creating a specific hover variant with the colorway that I want for this specific project. It’s not sustainable though because I really want to be able to just change it on the fly…

Thanks in advance.

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