How do I turn text styles on and off?

I can select specific libraries under Stroke and Fill, but is there a way to do this for text styles I’m not seeing? If I remove the library under the text style menu, it will remove the other things I need (colors, effects, etc)

The page I’m working on only uses text styles from one library, and I figure there’s a better way than using the library or style name to filter every single time I want to apply it.

Hey @Erika_Tolentino - sorry if I misunderstood, but would it be beneficial for you to just hide instead, or have you already viewed this page?

@ksn Thanks for the reply-

Will this remove the styles everywhere across all files? If my teammate updates their library elsewhere, they won’t be able to access them? Or is it possible to hide the style by file? I want the text styles from just one of our libraries to show up in the file I’m working in.

@Erika_Tolentino So sorry for the delayed reply - hiding/removing from the library would hide/remove it from all files.

Side note: anyone with edit access to the library can make changes to it, including hiding and unhiding styles. So there’s potential for you to hide it, but then another unhide it (if that makes sense).

With that said, I don’t think there’s a way to really filter the styles from the library in a way that matches what you’re looking for. I’ll mark this as feedback on our end.

Apologies I can’t offer a better suggestion at the moment.