How do I select similar layers at once in prototype?

So this has been killing me for days now. What is the shortcut for selecting all the similar layers/components in prototype. I’m not looking for a “select same property”, or hold shift+click, or just create a navigation main component with interactions answers. I know there was a shortcut on one tutorial video but i can’t remember. When i select an object on the first screen, the same reused objects are highlighted in a lighter blue. and I know there’s a shortcut you hit and it will automatically select all of them, making the prototyping and noodle dragging easier.

Did anyone figure this out? I can see that the similar elements are highlighted with a purple outline… so it must be possible.

Edit: Nevermind I just found out it’s just an indicator to show which elements are related for smart animation

Same here. It would be really handy, to have a quick selection of the similar (already highlighted in purple) objects in the prototype.

Edit: I just found it

image 33

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Yes, I can get that stacked item icon to show up IF I have made all of them components already, like if I want to update them to a different navigation point or style, but if I’m making a new interaction, with lots of similar items, they highlight in purple, BUT they don’t become related interactions unless I first make them interactions and then press that stacked icon. I’ve found that if you have a mix of styles or navigate to settings but want to align them all the same, it doesn’t even work unless you manually first make them all identical, then always select the stacked icon when you make a change to one and want it to apply to all. It’s almost more work when you realize that it’s a little inconsistent in these ways.

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