How do I indent a line in Figma?

How do I indent a line in figma?

Change the value of the Paragraph Indent property (№7 in the screenshot).

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This feature appears to have been moved under Details now, however it doesn’t seem to allow negative values, which means I can’t put lines 2-n in a hanging indent like this:

Would like to see this use case supported.

Agreed! Hanging indent would be super useful!

Agreed. Not resolved. Although I found Indent, changing value doesn’t seem to have effect. Why burry this within submenu?

This functional upgrade should be paired with larger request to copy & paste from say, Word document and maintain indentation/paragraph styles.
I copy content from other tools all the time into Figma.

Correction: It appears Indent doesn’t work when Unordered List is active. My intention is to indent the ordered list item - create child item.