How do I get a link to a file with a plugin?

I’ve been tasked with developing a publicwidget that can retrieve the share link that one gets when they share a Figma file.

From the research I’ve done, it seems like this is impossible because the file_key is only available with the private plugin API, but I wanted to make a forum post in case there’s any little-known work-arounds I hadn’t considered.

The best work-around I could come up with is to use the RESTful API to GET FILES and match the file names against the file name from the plugin API for the file_key, but this would require loads of HTTP Requests (1 for each project) and require the user paste in their team link :c

Here are some of the sources I viewed in researching this problem:

Everything you listed is the only available way to achieve what you want with REST and Plugin API. To date, nothing has changed.

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