How do I correctly display the outside stroke of a frame in PDF export?

Hi, I take example with this frame with blue fill.
Both horizontal and vertical resizing are set to “hug”, and it has a 4px yellow stroke.
After exporting to PDF, the outside stroke is displayed as an inside stroke, while PNG export displays correctly.

Have you tried to outline the stroke? Afaik pdf files do not support autolayout. So it makes more sense to keep your vectors as vectors. I would be happy to help if you could specify your goal more clearly.

I used frames+autolayout+hug to add some underlines and borders. But unexpectedly the outside strokes were obscured by the inner elements (in pdf files).
I can convert png to pdf or use other alternatives methods. But it’s just a little frustrating because I didn’t get what I saw in the preview.
Thank you for the information.

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