How do I change a frame mode from within prototype

Hi community, I’m playing around with modes in Figma beta, currently I have a dark mode and a light mode set up. What I would like to do is toggle between the modes using a toggle within my prototype. So that if I click the toggle, the entire frame switches modes and all components in the frame inherit the new mode styling.

At the moment I have a light mode frame and a dark mode frame and I navigate from one to the other but this seems like such a clunky way in light of the new mode switcher… what am I missing?


Hi @Suzanne_Wensveen

You are not missing anything. It is just not possible at the time.
But you can upvote this, so it will come to Figma’s attention

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Thanks @Haroll for bringing this idea to my attention, upvoted!

I have found a way to get around these issues and implement a mode-changing ability through a combination of utilising Figma, component switching, and using variables I created a video on this if anyone is interested, hope it helps!

This would be a game-changer for modes. Currently mode swapping is not viable on larger prototypes.

This is not a fix but a work around I made hade this helps.