How do I border a shape in FigJam?

How do I add a border to a shape? Or Change the colour of the border on a shape? (NOT an image)

Hi @Franco5

If you want to add a border to anything in Figma, take a look at your right panel and you should see a category called stroke, click on the plus (as show in the image bellow)
and a border will appear on your shape. You will then be able to play with its color, size and style

You can read more about stroke here

Let me know if it helps

Hi specifically figjam not figma

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Oh my bad, I read to quick @Franco5
You can add/change/remove the line (which is different than a border) of a shape on Figjam by clicking on your shape and then selecting Line style option (as shown bellow). Other than that you won’t be able to do anything else (cannot choose its width nor its color)

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hi, guys, off course u can modify all style,what u need to do is,open the design file(blue one),and style any elements,eg. press shift + s, u have a section, now, we can add more boder width~ then copy it to FigJam~


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This isn’t the solution, you didn’t answer his question.

It seems you CANNOT add a border directly onto an image in FigJam. You must draw a shape around it and add the border to that shape.

Is it possible to change the border’s color?
I can’t find a way to do so in FigJam. :thinking:

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Hey there,

No. It’s not possible to change the border color in FigJam.

Have you try make the component at Figma first, and then copy the component to FigJam?

I’d really like this feature. Seems pretty basic to be able to set the color of the outline, instead of accepting the default gray color.

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Mind blown haha

I’d like to choose another width for the borderline :frowning:

Please add changing border color, thanks!