How can you add a Link into a Ticket in Github

I am trying to add either a link or a design to a ‘specific ticket number’ within an Epic or Story in Github, in order for the developers have a link to the designs before they build it. I cannot find a plugin to do this and wondered if anyone has an automatic way or plugin which will do this?
I have found a plugin (Figma asset to Github) which allows me to add the links/ SVG into the Repo in a specific file but this is not what I need.
I know I can copy and paste the link or design into Github, but would prefer to be automatically done from the Figma design. Any help on this would be useful. Cheers

Hi Mike, Thanks for writing in! I’m searching for plugins, but haven’t had much luck so far. Let’s wait a little, someone else might have an idea for this!

Try the Figink browser extension. It turns links to design files, prototypes and FigJams into live previews.

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