How can i use `figma.viewport.scrollAndZoomIntoView()` with "BaseNode"?

const allNode = figma.root.findAll();
const target = figma.getNodeById(key);
let pageNode = target[0].parent;

if (pageNode.type == "SECTION") {
    pageNode = pageNode.parent;

figma.currentPage = pageNode;

This is my code.
I have object key and figma.getNodeById(key) has return BaseNode.
So i want to change page and move screen to object location.
But scrollAndZoomIntoView() function is can’t use with BaseNode.
How can i do?

As an argument, this method requires an array of objects, not an object.

Yes scrollAndZoomIntoView() function argument is Array. But use this is Error [].
Error : “TypeError: value is not iterable”

Why are you using the spread syntax?

I want using scrollAndZoomIntoView() function, but this function argument is Array.
figma.getNodeById(key) is return “BaseNode”.
So how can i convert “BaseNode” to Array?

Just remove the spread syntax.

Well, “BaseNode” object is can’t use to scrollAndZoomIntoView() function argument.
Is there really no way?


Oh, Thanks so mush.