How can I turn the dev mode off?

Can I turn the dev mode off? I want to keep the tab Inspect as it was before the beta release


I want this too…

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I want this too.

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Press Shift D another time


Would love a setting to permanently turn off dev mode


sigh cant even edit my own comments? lolwut?

We’d like to disallow enabling dev mode for all users on our Figma account. Users being able to enable this themselves has messed with our workflow

To disable the dev mode in Figma and revert the Inspect tab to its pre-beta release state, go to the “Help” menu, select “Toggle Developer Tools,” and uncheck “Enable Developer Tools.” This should restore the original Inspect tab functionality.

Can I have more details? I don’t see Toggle Developer Tools in Help

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an I have more details? I don’t see Toggle Developer Tools in Help

It’s the toggle to the right of the Share button. Someone mentioned the keyboard shortcut too (Shift+D), which seems to work for me as well.

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Sift + D is only for toggling Dev mode, but not for reverting all changes, actually.

Is there any way to bring back what was BEFORE Dev Mode? We had FREE features that worked great. Now I can’t see the font properties, I can’t see the CSS gradient, only the colors. That is, if you are a developer and you were given a design file that was made in Figma, then now you HAVE to pay for a product that you don’t even use?


Font properties are available in the “Typography” section of the “Properties” tab.

You can get the CSS either on the “Properties” tab (click Copy link in the “Colors” section) or using the context menu (Right-click on an object › Copy asCopy as codeCSS).

“Copy” available only if you are not the creator of the file. How do I copy the gradient now?

In Design mode, you can get the CSS in several ways:

  1. Right-click on an object on the canvas › Copy/Paste asCopy as codeCSS);
  2. Use the CSS command in Quick actions;
  3. Use any Figma Community plugins that suit your requirements.

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