How can I merge two color styles in my style library?

Hello community,
I need to update the color styles library. I’d like to merge two color styles into one in order to update all the linking components to one new color. Is this even possible?

Thank you.


I’m also looking for a way to merge styles. In my case text styles but it’s the same question.


I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before by just renaming one of the styles to the same as the other… But in that case it doesn’t work anymore.

Not that that was a good solution anyways, as it could lead to unintentional changes, especially when restructuring styles in groups. So I’d rather want to select two styles, right click and merge.

Maybe anyone knows of a plugin that can do this? If not, I guess the best way is to make the two styles you want to merge the same color, delete one and use the Style Organizer plugin to scan the page. Then you only have to click one button in the plugin to attach unlinked styles to the style. However, if the styles reside in a library, you have to go through every file and run the plugin…

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Having it in separated library and "Merge libraries helps. But only when they are under the same name, AFAIK