Merge multiple text styles into one

Hey I have a style guide and its currently in phase 2, my team has decided to simplify the text styles so I need to merge a lot of text styles together. Is there an efficient method of doing this?



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+1 same question

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Hey All, thanks for reaching out!

We don’t offer a way to merge text styles, but we’ve updated this topic into a feature request.

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration, but until then, you’ll need to recreate the styles instead of merging them.

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+1 had the same issue multiple times.
Workarounds are quite painful.

@dvaliao Any update on this yet??

So, for anyone looking for a similar solution as I did, the " Find & Replace Styles" plugin solved the problem for me by allowing me to search for specific text stale names and replace them this way. Nice work @FlorianModel and @marcomelilli :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words!

Especially with the recently introduced responsive text styles powered by variables & modes this feature urgently is needed as we theoretically are now able to reduce our text styles by factor 3. A pity there is no merge feature in place. For libraries which are used across different files plugins like “find & replace styles” is not an option.

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