How can I add an anchor to a rectangle outline path?

Im moving from Adobe Suite programs like XD and Illustrator and im finding the odd quirk where Figma works differently.

I have made a rectangle box with curved corners, i would like to remove one of the curved corners. In illustrator i would be able to select the curved corner path and delete it, however in Figma it doesnt seem possible to remove parts of a rectangle to ‘open it up’

The only options I think I have is to manually draw the rectangle with the pen tool, but it seems a bit long winded, or place a square the same colour of the backgrround over the corner, but this wouldnt work well when the background is multi coloured.

Hope my request above makes sense.

Hey @Michael75, thank you for reaching out! I would suggest to use the boolean operations here.

I had tried something similar, buto oviously did it wrong. Thats great, thank you for your help!

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