Hover over a link to get a preview of a frame

Hi, I have a problem(optimization) and I can not seem to find a solution for it.

Case: I usually create a screen (Frame) and give it a name such as “Login”. Lets imagine I created two screen “Login” and “Sign up”.

Usually I create a link between them such as you can go from “Login” to “Sign up” vice versa.

This link could be in multiple place in my Figma file, and I will not duplicate a screen, I usually to use the name of that specific screen.

Example: → go to Login

Then I take the “Login” part and embed a link in that to that specific frame, so that when you click on the “Login” text it will then take you to the “Login” frame.

But this is not always optimal, what I am looking for is a solution such as you do not need to click on the link but only hover over it, and it will show you a preview of that frame without navigating to it.

Do you guys know if this is possible?