Horizontal Scrolling from Right to Left?

Hello everyone, I have a question about making horizontal scrolling!

I am able to make horizontal scrolling work thanks to this video. However, I am only able to swipe it from left to right, I am stuck on how to make it so that I can scroll from right to left.

Referring to the top part of the picture I attached, for the version where I want to be able to swipe from left to right, I am able to resize the frame to the width of the screen.

However, when I want to make it so that the default setting is to swipe from right to left, I am struggling on resizing the frame to the width of the screen. The element on the very left of the screen would follow the frame instead of staying where they are (which should be outside of the screen).

I tried adjusting the alignment. Didn’t work.
I would appreciate if anyone knows the solution!

Hi @Yishi_Reena

You can transform your frame to an auto-layout frame. Doing so will give you the possibility to align its children, in your case, to its right side

Let me know if it helped

Thank you so much Haroll! It worked!

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