Horizontal scroll and/or sort the layers/libraries panel

Please Figma !!!

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This is long overdue.

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I can’t reach the layers. The limitation of the maximum width of the menu and the lack of scrolling do not allow this.

Please correct this mistake. Currently, you can only interact with these layers with shortcuts…

How is this being left unattended? You have a design tool, that makes it so that people cannot navigate all the way into their layer hierarchy

It’s not being left unattended. As I mentioned last month, we already have something in the works - stay tuned!

Was super excited (and hopeful) that this would be addressed in the redesigned UI announced during Config today. Unfortunately, nope, at least not from what I see. I’m really struggling to understand why this blatant fail in the product UI/UX has still not been dealt with after 3.5 years. But hey, AI can rename your layers that you won’t be able to see or access.


Hey @sooz888, have you been able to play around with UI3 yet?

Check this out… :eyes:

do you even realize the blatantly obvious difference between resizing and overflow with horizontal scrolling?

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Hey @aolko,

Of course we do! But with UI3 still in beta, this is just the 1st iteration.

This topic’s feedback is a combination of the desire to expand as well as horizontal scroll. Join the waitlist to test out UI3, then let us know how your layers look and feel on it. There’s still time to improve - we’re listening!

Thanks @dvaliao appreciate the quick response. No, I don’t have UI3 yet. I got prompted to try it, but the link just takes me to a Figma file with info only.

I agree with @aolko that resizing and scrolling is completely different. The resizing works if you’re viewing in a large browser.

But if you’re working on a laptop, I reckon that I’ll have to (potentially) resize to almost half, if not more, of my canvas width. So yeah, the horizontal scrolling is still a necessity (in addition to the resize).

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We hear you, @sooz888.

With UI3 still in beta, we can advocate for horizontal scroll. The team can still make improvements - stay tuned!

To join the waitlist to access UI3:

  1. Log in to Figma .
  2. On the Everything we launched at Config 2024 modal, click Click to learn more under Meet Figma AI, plus a new UI.
  3. Click Join Waitlist.

If you already dismissed the modal:

  1. Log in to Figma .
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click and select Join UI3 + AI waitlist.


Use the keyboard shortcut to access the quick action bar, and then search for Join UI3 + AI waitlist:

  • Mac: ⌘ Command / or ⌘ Command P
  • Windows: Control + / or Control + P
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Screw the AI bs, fix this first!!! It’s ridiculous that it’s been 3.5 years, the users have been adamantly telling you what they want, and you guys still haven’t fixed this yet? Come on!


New UI and still no horizontal scroll :smiley: amazing, who does UX in Figma team :exploding_head:


You need the team of 30 UX experts and 50 software developers to solve horizontal scroll problem, which is possible to show with one CSS prop - overflow: auto; But one day AI will replace people and we will not need horizontal scroll, so w8 :slight_smile:

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100%! Well, it’s obvious they prioritize making $$ before their users feedback/request. Their new AI future (and Figma Slides) will incur additional charges. But adding a horizontal scroll doesn’t make them any money.


I generally avoid complaining online, but I genuinely don’t understand why horizontal scrolling hasn’t been added. With the new UI3, the issue has become even more problematic, as clearly shown in the screenshots by @pavel6.

Additionally, 622 votes seem like a significant number of people to demonstrate the need for the ability to see all layers, not to mention hide a layer.

I hope this issue gets addressed soon. If you need a hint, I don’t think anyone expects anything more elaborate than horizontal scrolling, which seems like it would require minimal coding.


That’s because Figma completely lost touch with their userbase a few years ago

It happens at some point for each and every startup, but in the case of Figma it was really early on

Hey All, thank you for your continued feedback!

Using your votes and recent feedback since the rollout of UI3, we were able to advocate for this feature request on your behalf, and we did it! This is officially on the UI3 team’s roadmap - it’s happening! :raised_hands:

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, and keep an eye out on our future releases!

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I’ll believe it when I see it- not holding my breath…

Please oh God add this feature! We’re using Auto Layout and complex components in a shared library and can’t view and edit layers properly.