Highlight text styles

It would be great to be able to highlight all text in a project that have that particular text style applied. This way, you can see how a page is made up from different text styles or to see if you mistakenly forgot to apply a text style to a certain piece of text.

I know that Adobe XD has this feature and I really miss it while using Figma.



This feature would also come in really handy when I want to look for unused text styles. Sometimes, during the design process, I create text styles which end up not being used in the final design and I don’t want those to be in the developer handoff.

When using the ‘text style highlighter’ in Adobe XD, it will say when a text style is applied 0 times in my project, so then I know I have to take the text style out.

Hi @Tim_Floor,
Thank you for your feedback about highlighting text styles! Do not also forget to vote up so we can gauge the overall interest in the community :arrow_up:

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