Highlight layers using a style

I wish when I hovered a style under ‘Color Styles’, the layer(s) currently using that style would be highlighted in the canvas, and vice versa. Just like how hovering a layer in the ‘Layers’ panel outlines it in the canvas.

Hover ‘Accent’ style, layer using it is outlined/highlighted:
image (55)

There is such a feature.
You need firstly to select all frames within which you want to check the color or you can select all if you want to check all. And then on the right panel you will see all the colors which are used in these frames. And if you click on “focus icon” near the color, the elements with this color will be highlighted.

You’re right, this does pretty much what I was suggesting, but, in a pretty limiting way. I think my idea is still valid as it would smoothen out this process of finding and highlighting colors without all the seperate clicking of ui elements. For example, doing as you said, clicking on an outer frame then finding a color under the ‘Selection colors’ section, then clicking the focus button does highlight the layers using that color, but it then selects them and you’re brought out of where you just were looking at all the used colors. The idea is more about adding to this and making it more seamless with hovers, instead of clicks and selects.

XD has this feature. You can right click on color and select Highlight on canvas, it will also tell you, if it’s not used anywhere (works on styles and components too). It would be nice to have it in Figma too.

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