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As a usability tester sharing a Figma prototype with a user, I want them to not be able to see the hotspot hints. I know I can hide the hotspots while I am in “Present” mode, but for the person I am sharing the prototype with, that option is still enabled ( the hotspots will be visible).

Expected behaviour:

  1. I go to Present view
  2. I disable the “Show hotspot hints”
  3. I “Share” the prototype link to user
  4. The user doesn’t see the hotspots.

Actual behaviour
The user sees the hotspots (in their view it’s not disabled).

I’ve uploaded a short 30 second video to demonstrate this bug. I have used two different email and browser accounts, so the inviter is a different user.

(video expires after 5 days, I can upload it again for evidence if needed).

The practical issue this bug has is significant. If I need to usability test one screen, I will send the user a Figma prototype link, which they need to share, and by the time I ask them to disable the hotspots, they have already clicked several times on the screen, invalidating the test and therefore wasting the recruitment effort, incentive for user and all attendees’ time.

Thanks for having the patience to understand what the issue is. Hopefully there is a hidden option that solves this already.



In your video, you show that you are inviting a user via email. Have you considered a way to manually share the prototype link with users? This way you would be able to control the options directly in the link you send to users.

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@tank666 Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion is a useful workaround for some situations, but this doesn’t solve the usability bug.

If you do a quick search, most people don’t even know that they can hide the hotspots. And there are several posts similar to this one in which the answer is “just hide the hotspots from options”. And the ticket is closed, so those people who’ve asked for help will hide the hotspots on their end, but then they share the prototype with the SHARE button, without knowing that the other end will still see the hotspots.

Thank you for your kind custom suggestion, but this approach (suggesting a quick fix for just one person) will maintain the issue for mostly everyone: they will think they have hidded the hotspots, when in fact they haven’t. That’s again, by definition, another usability issue (user thinks they have compelted a task , when in fact they haven’t).

So thanks again for your workaround, but let’s keep this ticket opened until the problem is solved at the source.


(removed previous post because it included some sentences afrter the signature)

In that case, I suggest you change the title and category of the topic so that anyone can vote for it.

Hi Yury,

Please let me know what would be the best title and category considering the fix I am looking for? I’m asking this as you are an experienced user of this environment, and I’m not.

Thank you!


Hey @Marius2,

We’ve gone ahead and changed your topic to a feature request and edited the title. We’ll pass this feedback onto the team for consideration and monitor interest from the community through the votes.

Thanks, Denise!

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