Hide Figma Loader and Snackbar from Prototype Demo

Hello everyone,

I’m gearing up to demo an app idea to some users, but I want to maintain a seamless experience without revealing that I’m using a prototype (Figma). Upon opening the prototype on my phone, I’ve noticed that the Figma loader and a snackbar appear, the latter indicating how to open a menu. While I understand their utility, I would prefer these elements not to be visible during the demo.

I’m wondering if anyone has encountered a similar situation or knows how to hide these elements, particularly the snack bar. Any insights or suggestions on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Attached below are images for reference.

Hi @Louis_Francis, Thank you for reaching out about the prototype demo and for sharing the screenshots! It really helps in fully understanding the requirements.

Are you using the Figma mobile app? While it may not align perfectly with your desired outcome, one solution that comes to mind is using the Mirror tab in the mobile app to view selected frames from the file on your desktop. If the Figma mobile app is not compatible with your mobile device, you can also mirror frames through the browser.

Please take a look at the details for the mirror view here: View prototypes on a mobile device

I’ll reach out internally to explore any potential workarounds beyond this, and I’ll keep you updated if I have any new information.
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