Hidden "base" components do not update after publish when parent component is detached?

So i have this Card component and it has a “.cardHeader” base component. I mostly use the “Card” component → detach instance → and then i can still edit properties on the “.cardHeader” but if i make changes to it, the hidden component does not update because the parent is not linked anymore. So it would be really usefull if it did update, or is there a workaround for this ? Now i just take a new instance from card but i have to reconfigure the whole card again

I don’t know if there would be another input, so I am putting my two cents from my experience.
I think when you detach, you are detaching the link to the component “Card” that gets updated. Sure, the inner component is still an instance of the base which is why you get the options to edit the properties.
Only thing I can think of is if you make the allow the base component to get updated(publish) without the “.” at the start. Eventually making the base component another atom that gets updated as you publish.

Yeah that is true, and if i would remove the “.” it will update, but i don’t want the sub components (in this case for example the card header) to be in my component library, that way your library gets cluttered fast with components you won’t use on its own.