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Help! My figjam file can not open

1. Describe the bug/issue you’re running into?
Help!!! My figjam file can not open, all my other files works great instead of this one.

2. Are you able to consistently reproduce it? If so what are the steps?
Double click this file, then just stuck at a loading screen.

3. Share a screenshot, recording, console log, link to the file, etc.

2021-06-29 17-34-31.2021-06-29 17_37_33

4. Is the issue only happening in desktop app or a specific browser , or both?
Both desktop and browser can not open.

5. What OS/version and/or browser/version are you using?

Mac BigSur 11.3.1

I am experiencing the same problem with one of my files. Following.

Unable to open a specific Figjam files. It gets stuck on the loading screen. Have tried opening in-app and the browser to no avail. All other files/Figjams seem to be ok.


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Update: It eventually opened. :partying_face:

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Hi there, this issue was fixed later in the day it was reported so I’m closing this topic.

If you experience this issue again please reach out to our support team so we can investigate further.

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