Help! Figma links are opening opening in new cloned desktop app

When I open a Figma link, it creates a new Figma App instance with all of my current tabs open in Figma.

I will end up with 2 Figma apps open. My original, and my Original + Opened Link.

Is this a bug or a setting Im not aware of? I am using Figma Desktop on the Mac.


I will submit this as a bug to Figma.

This is also happening to me for some time now. I am on M1 max.


This is happening to me every time and it’s driving me nuts!


@MetaEd Any response from Figma on this? I’m an m1 mac and this keeps happening to me too.

I have this problem as well. It’s driving me nuts.

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+1 happening to me as well! Instances that are closed/quit remain in my dock too. Also on an M1 Mac.

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Update: No response from figma, from the replies this seems like a M1 issue.

I have the same bug on Intel CPU

Having the same issue on M1 mac. I think my coworker sees it on an intel mac though. Some more people seeing issue in this thread: Multiple Figma apps open on MacBook dock

Does anyone have an issue with the Figma app opening multiple times in the dock on a MacBook Pro? See screenshot for example.

Is there a fix for this?


This also happens to me.

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Same. I keep clicking “remove from dock” for the duplicates :stuck_out_tongue:

Seeing the same issue. There is another thread tracking this here: Help! Figma links are opening opening in new cloned desktop app

Hey All,

This is an ongoing issue our engineering team is aware of and are working on. We have escalated this thread for further investigation.

That said, our team suggests fully uninstalling the Desktop app (using an App Cleaner if you have one available), and then re-downloading and reinstalling from the Desktop App downloads page.

If it still occurs after trying this, can you try installing the Beta app version linked in the Guide to the Figma desktop app and check if you still have the same issue.

Same happening here, so it seems no progress has been made on this since June or earlier…

Hey @Gustavo_Forster,

As I mentioned two weeks ago, the team is already working on the fix. It’ll be launched in a future update (version 116.5) soon.