Having problems with Figma for iOS


I have just started using Figma and noticed Figma for iOS is quite different from Figma for Mac. In fact, I cannot even delete files on the iOS versions, nor can I bring up the toolbox on them.

There aren’t many video tutorials for the iOS versions either. Please someone help me work out how those common operations can be performed on them.

Thank you in advance,


The Figma app for iOS does not let you edit files on iPhone (although you can edit FigJam files on iPadOS) and is more of a viewer and prototype player app vs. being able to support editing or file management. https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500007537281-Guide-to-the-Figma-mobile-app

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Ok, thanks. I just found out Figurative can be used to edit the files on Figma for iOS, so will stick to this one.

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