Half of the component disappears when clicking

I have a component inside an overlay, when you click on the component it should change to another instance of the component. It DOES change, but half of the component goes invisible. It’s a button and when you click the button it gets bigger and shows more things. On the image I have clicked on “class 1” and instead of a big square showing below it like it should it’s just white like this. I can see that the component changes instance since it normally isn’t any space between the buttons below, but why does half of it not show? I’ve checked the main component and it’s instances, it all looks like it should there. Thanks for any help!

btw I think when I write “instance” it should be “variant”. Sorry wasn’t right on the terminology here and couldn’t find if I can edit the post

Hey @Ida3, thank you for reaching out!

I’ve tried this out on my end and might have found a way you can fix this.

You can see in my first screen recording when I open the overlay and click on “Class 1” you can the only see a part of the square.

Now I’ve made the overlay frame bigger and when previewing the prototype you’re able to see the complete square.

Can you check if this works for you by adjusting the overlay frame (so that the variant fits in). Also please check the layers Panel if variant is on top of the overlay frame. Let me know if this does not work for you, I can investigate further. Feel free to share a copy of your file with me so I can take a look at it.