Guest Comments & Voting for Clients w/o Account

{Commenting as Guests}
Clients wanting to give access to prototypes to temporary teams without the need to create accounts as guests only, allowing comments and feedback within Figma prototypes.

Possibly allowing these users to make comments on prototypes as Guests with temporary names.


Thanks K.ian!

I’ve actually just switched to Figma recently, and loving it. Some of our enterprise clients previous had this feature in another tool. Why I ask.

Oh well. We will work with what we have atm.


I think it should be doable to implement this. I for one also miss this feature.

Frame. io allows users w/o accounts to comment on videos. We used that all the time. For sure there should be a way to make this work in Figma too?


Working on switching over from XD, and this has been the biggest disappointment so far. Too much friction for clients, especially with limited technical knowledge.

I’ve shared review links with clients on XD and in Frame. io and have witnessed no drawbacks.


Yes please! I want to share our very first design in Figma with my client, and was disappointed to learn I have to ask my client to create an account just to leave comments on the design. I think by now we are all tired of having a million different accounts with a million different apps and services, and this is just one more unnecessary login for something a client will only use for a short time. I see people mentioning Frame io here. I think I’ll check them out…

Please, this is a must.

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Clients don’t like to register and create new accounts; forcing a client to register for comment is unnecessary.

Allowing to share a URL with commenting option will solve this problem and remove overall friction.


would be highly appreciated.

A link to share with the client and the ability to just type in a name and the comments for a client without registring would solve a lot of issues.

Imo the risk of spam is pretty

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This is a huge disappointment to find out that Figma doesn’t have guest commenting. I just switched over from Invision and love it for everything else but this is a big NO in UX for our clients.

If this doesn’t become an option I may have to explore other options.


This, basically not having this feature is a very bad user experience, I think this is the only drawback Figma has.

There should be a way for figma to use sound notifications or in app notifications to alert users, when comments are left on the work space.

Hey all, for anyone still struggling with this, we just released a Figma plugin called Commentful as an alternative option to help solve this.

It allows you to create client-friendly review links with snapshots of your designs where stakeholders can easily leave comments and text/image feedback without needing a Figma account.

Any feedback flows back into the Figma plugin in real-time, and you can accept/apply any text or image change requests with one-click, and see them updated in your Figma designs automatically.

Hope it helps anyone still looking for an alternative way of gathering client feedback on their Figma designs :pray:


This is great. A few questions:

  • Does this work in prototype view?
  • Is there a way, since the plugin has been linked to the project which is linked to an account email, to get email notifications?

So far, from what I’ve used in the 10 minutes, you’ve also provided additional helpful features :+1::

  • Request Image Updates
  • Request Text Updates

Great features. Thanks for sharing!

Hey @Mayank_Shail, thanks so much for the feedback and great questions!

  • Prototype support is on the plugin roadmap, but isn’t supported in this first version.
  • For many good reasons, Figma plugins can’t access or read the actual email address of the user of the plugin (only their unique Figma ID), desktop notifications are on the roadmap in the future instead.

For sure! Any text and image changes are attached to those Figma layers, so you can action and update any text/image feedback in one click from the Figma plugin.

Just uploaded a YouTube walkthrough for that “Reviews” feature if you’re interested to see this in action, too.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback! :blush:

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Yes please, I’d like to have guest support too.
The experience for clients is too overwhelming right now.

Also, I really cannot tell what our clients will see after creating an account.
Will they still be in my presentation/prototype to place some comments or will they be redirected towards the Figma Home screen which results in them being totally confused? :thinking:

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Wait, what? Clients have to create an account to leave comments? Non logged in users cannot provide feedback without registering? Is this still the case?

We use XD. Been hearing about Figma so figured I would give it a try. Love it so far, but this would prevent us from migrating.


Yes, unfortunately this is still the case.

Sooo, have the developers made any mention to whether or not this is on the table for development??

I agree with all the comments above, if Guest commenting is not going to be supposed, or there are no plans to include this feature, I will most definitely have to switch back to XD.

Why would you have clients forced into making an account they’ll never use again… at the very least, there should be Guest Commenting on the paid figma plans


Why is this not a feature?!

Long time XD user here who’s made the decision to switch over to figma before we’re pushed by the buyout .

After all the things you hear about how good figma is - it’s astounding to me that simple user experience errors like this are in the product .

My project managers now have to train clients on how to comment - which primes them with frustration before they give us feedback. This is not the mindset we need our clients in!

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