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Global live library sharing

An idea: instead of “Duplicate”, maybe “Save” or “Bookmark” instead. And the bookmarked files will show up near the top in the “Library” modal when you go back to the Figma designing interface.

I work as an external designer for a company which has their own Figma design library that they want to share with me so I can consume their components in my work. My Figma account is within my designstudios organization.

My client have given me an “explicit invitation” to view. It was sent as an email to me.
With this link I can open the library in Figma BUT I can’t access the library through assets libraries…

So even with this latest info from Figma that you should be able to use a shared library in your own organization… its not working

This is really bad in my opinion 🥲

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Try this:

Plan A: Ask the library maintainer invite you via the share window in figma( open the original library file–>click the share btn–> type you figma account in the field and click the send invite btn)

Plan B: Ask the library maintainer to give you an editable access to the library, so you can see it in your assets panel, then the maintainer change the editable access to view only.

Hope it works for you:)

As far as I know, this won’t work. As a member of the Organization you can’t use libraries from other Organization spaces. You can only use them in the Organization space that owns the library. So the only option in this case would be to become a member of their Organization and use the library in that space (I believe it should be possible for free with Guest access as long as you only edit Drafts). I don’t have much experience with the Orgs so I could be wrong.

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