Glitch in prototype with sticky bottom bar

I have prototyped this sticky bottom card, so that it appears after scrolling down to a certain point on the page and when the user clicks it, it expands to show the size selector. However, when i click the button the prototype glitches and the bottom bar appears in the middle of the screen during the animated interaction, then goes back to be sticky at the bottom. it does this anytime the bottom card is clicked on. Has anyone seen this before and is this just a glitch in figma or can i do something to keep the bottom card sticky to the bottom throughout the interaction?

Hi @Katie_Aromy1, sorry for the trouble!
GPUs have known bugs and may cause rendering glitches when using Figma.

Please reach out to the support directly here for help with a screenshot video of what you see in your end here: & we also recommend you to check the Figma browser requirements here: