Frame Size for optimal mobile browser viewing

Hi I would like to create a prototype that can be viewed by others through a mobile browser instead of the figma mobile app. What would be the optimal frame size to show all content on most mobile browsers?

Hi Karthik, Figma displays your designs inside a regular browser window, so the browser’s header and footer will still be visible. To replicate an in-app experience without an address bar, we recommend using the Figma mobile app.

Hi Gayani, my app prototype, when opened in mobile device navigator, shows up like this:

It scales in width but keeps the proportion, therefore it does not fit all the content on the vertical axis. It crop the bottom part of the UI, such as the bottom menu.

Is there a way to fix this so the prototype fits into the mobile browser window?

In this case it is cropping the top part, as I scrolled down.